Starter Tips For The Road Ahead.

I believe if you can go through IVF you can go through anything.For those who are just starting their journey I am wondering what would I like to have known before starting out on the IVF road. I didn't have a clue what was ahead of me so here are a few tips. They might not be relevant to you right now but they more than likely will make more sense as your journey continues.

Firstly get to know your cycle.

Pee on ovulation sticks and keep track on what's happening and know your body.

IVF may not be the first option for you.

There are so many other types of treatment and it will depend on what your issues are. Be open minded.

Trust in the professionals.

They are on your side and learn to communicate with them.

Speak up for yourself.

Write down your questions before your consultant appointments and bring your other half. It's hard to take everything in.

Remember the two of ye are in it together.

Be honest and open with your partner and explain to them what's going on and support each other. I tried to shelter Ron from a lot of what was going on and he was the best support when I let him in.

Be kind to yourself.

Treat yourself!! It may only be a bubble bath or a facial but you are worth it.


It’s hard enough doing fertility treatment and it can be a very lonely place. Either find your musketeers to talk to or jump on those girls are a fountain of information.

Ignore the weight gain.

If you gain weight just remember it's short term, buy a brighter lip stick and get your hair blow dried for the special nights out. Remember its temporary.

Get some headspace. I walked the roads with my dog, did a kickboxing class and when it all went pear shaped I pumped weights


Get a good pharmacist.

I know that might seem like a strange one but I loved my pharmacy. They were super organised and understood the drugs and they explained what they all were. It can become a bit overwhelming.

Know that this is all short term.

This is a moment in your life so put your head down and give it 100%. You will get there.

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