Warrior Women Series: Maeve's Story - Part 3


This month we have been getting to know Maeve. Our very first Warrior Woman on The Woman And The Apron. See also Part 1 and Part 2

If you’ve been following along, you’ll already know that Egg Donation wasn’t a first or easy option for Maeve to consider. You’ll also know that this lady isn’t one to lie down and roll over when faced with an impossible decision…..and we love her for it.

Today’s post is warm and fuzzy. Read on for your dose of some real nice feelz. Here is a quick recap on the timelines of her treatments:


2005-2007 - trying to conceive naturally

February 2007 – First Consultation

July, August, September & November 2007 – 4 OII Cycles

January & April 2008 – 2 OII Cycles

IVF Cycle – July 2008

ICSI Cycle – October 2008

FET Cycle – February 2009

ICSI Cycle – April 2009

ICSI Cycle – October 2009

Egg Donation Cycle - May 2010

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Eggs Hatch. Life After Treatment - Part 3

See also Part 1 and Part 2

Our little girl, Fiona May was born in January 2011. It is absolutely amazing to have her in our lives. When I first saw her face, I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t Ciara’s face looking back at me, she was just her, her own person and all that worry disappeared the second I set eyes on her.

Ciara went on to become pregnant herself soon after I did, and baby Tom, Fiona’s cousin was born only 9 weeks after her :-)

Not only that but when Fiona was 6 months old…...I.GOT. PREGNANT!!!!! I will never, ever understand it but somehow, it happened naturally and was the biggest best shock of my life. Baby Owen was born in April, 15 months after his big sister.

We have always made it known to Fiona where she came from. My way of looking at it is that she was created from the love of 3 people, instead of 2 so that’s a whole lot more love! I got the kiddies books which gradually explained the concept of donation and so it will always be a natural feeling for her that Ciara had a big part to play in her existence. I knew I was doing something right when at around age 2, I was looking at a farm animals book in the library with her and asked “where do we get the eggs?” pointing at a picture of a hen, to which Fiona replied “Ciara?”.


Make sure you subscribe to the website as we have lots more Egg Donation posts to come in February. We’ll be exploring the physical side of the treatments and then later in the month talking about the emotional and psychological considerations and impact of this assisted fertility route.

A huge Thank You to Maeve and her sister Ciara for allowing us to use her incredibly personal story for the benefit of others. A selfless individual. A warrior woman and a super Mum.

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