A great recommendation

One More Shot was recommended to me to watch on Netflix and i was warned to have tissues on the ready. She wasn’t exaggerating.

This is an honest and raw documentary a beautiful couple Maya and Noah from the states made about making modern families

.It brought me back to the days when life was really sad for myself and Ron yet we were super close as a couple.This documentary explains so well what IVF means and shows you how it really is to live it.The cocktails of drugs and injections, hoping that it will work this time and then it doesn’t. What it didn’t work ?? But IVF has to work doesn’t it ?? What happens when the IVF door closes ? Well you need to watch this documentary.

I was chatting to Maya via email ( i love the internet it makes the world so small !!)

I asked her if she could give one piece of advice to anyone going through fertility treatment what would it be ? and her reply was

Hmmm...one piece of advice is hard-everyone is just so different and there’s not one size fits all of course-but finding support wherever you can, reconnecting with yourself,your body, your partner,your family in ways that have nothing to do with fertility(i did yoga teacher training and Noah took up rock climbing ), and try to find ways to have an open heart and open mind as how your baby comes to you.

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